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Jim Hallisey

In the 22+ years Jim Hallisey has been in the insurance field, his philosophy has never changed. “Money certainly matters,” he smiles, “but it’s not more important than your soul, your relationships, or your health.” Jim says helping his clients better understand how money works brings him great satisfaction. Because he actively seeks insurance products that combine “safe” money with “opportunity” money on the same dollar at the same time, his clients can be beneficiaries of the upside but never again victims of the Stock Market’s declines. “When the Markets are going up, we participate and systematically and automatically capture some of the gains, and when they go back down, we are protected from any losses.”  None of Jim’s clients nor he have ever lost one penny to Market volatility in a fixed indexed annuity or indexed universal life policy.

Jim’s wife, Genise has worked by his side, and the client relationships the two have developed are close, meaningful ones. “What gets me out of bed in the morning,” he says, “is helping people make sure they don’t lose any more of their life savings. My mission is to help people safely accumulate, grow, preserve, and protect their financial resources, eventually creating income streams they can’t outlive. “This all happens without any agonizing, emotional decisions about what/when to buy or sell, exotic market timing, or expensive fees.

When not in the office, Jim and Genise enjoy ballroom dancing, hosting home fellowship groups, and being active in their church. They celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary this past Valentine’s Day.

Jim would be happy to visit with you about your particular situation and discover together whether he might be of service to you. Please call 479-633-3270 to schedule a complimentary, no obligation appointment.

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