Many of us think of our 401K or IRA account as the source of our retirement income. The question is, how much income will it provide? Regardless of the amount of money we have saved, it is difficult to determine the exact amount of income we will obtain from it, in part because the principle we are earning money off of may go up or down depending on the market, and it can do so month to month, and year to year. Not knowing what we can count on makes it even more difficult to plan for retirement. That is why I thought to share with you this week’s article. The author was very direct when he wrote “Unlike a pension, annuity income is not an obligation of the employer, but of the insurance company. Unlike investments, annuity income is based on guarantees and not dreams and hopes.” Call us if you’d like to understand whether what you have set aside as your retirement fund is based on “guarantees” or “dreams and hopes”. We’re always here to help.

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